When it comes to our offices, we tend to have a territorial mindset about things.  We don’t like people moving items around on our desks or just being in our spaces due to confidential information or resources.  As such, keeping our work environments clean can become a challenge.  For these situations, looking for janitorial cleaners maumee is one option to consider.

Schedule your time

The best way to achieve something is to schedule your time.  You want to make sure that your work time isn’t compromised by cleanup or general maintenance.  Time is valuable if you are spending time cleaning where you could be more productive, then you need to adjust your schedules.


You need to set priorities.  These priorities should encompass the best work environment state you can have.  Your desk should be organized in such a way that you can access your tools and equipment, you are comfortable where you are working and much more.  Once you set these priorities you can start to achieve some measure of tasks completion.

Clean after breaks

Don’t focus on cleaning your office or work area. You should focus on getting your tasks completed and then when you are ready to take your break go ahead and tidy up.  This way you can finish your work and have a clean environment to return to when your break is over.

Leave notes for cleaners

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After your day is done and you are ready to leave, it may be a good idea to leave notes for the cleaning crew that tell them specific details of your work environment.  For example, you can leave a note stating that you don’t want your whiteboard wiped down or to leave the trash alone.  When having an outside company come in and do your cleaning communication is key.  Make your needs known before someone tosses something out of habit.