Effectively screening employees is such an important aspect of running a business. It is difficult to judge a prospective hire based on what they say during a job interview, or what they put on a resume. People are known to exaggerate to get hired, which is why proper screening is so important.

Handling Employee Screening

The best way to deal with the process of screening employees is by using employee screening software. By having such software on your systems, you can quickly search a person’s name and get the relevant information that you need.

For instance, you could find the social media posts, websites, blogs, news articles, or other information related to the person you want to hire. Then you can decide if you want to go ahead with the hire.

Performing Deep Employee Screening

There are times when a general search may be enough to convince you to hire a person. Perhaps they were put on your radar by a friend or a colleague, or you are only hiring them for a part time position.

employee screening software

But there are instances where you would want to perform deeper checks to ensure that you are hiring someone trustworthy. That is when you would have a thorough background check performed, which includes possible arrest records, financial details, and more.

Drug Testing

The final element of effective employee screening is having the prospective hire take a drug test. Small businesses do not always have the means to organize visits of prospective hires to local clinics for such tests, which is why you can hire an outside party to handle the process.

Third parties that take care of employee drug tests have a system in place, which means that the cost of each test is very low for your business. But it ensures that you are only hiring employees who are reputable, without a criminal history, and drug free.