The prompting of the car’s brakes could have been a death-defying act. Every time the driver approaches a busy intersection, he could be placing himself on another road to hell. He could also be placing others in harm’s way. This is what happens when the car’s brakes have been shot to kingdom come. Brake repair service work carried out on a regular basis does however put local undertakers to shame. Their services are no longer required.

No-one is dying due to nasty road accidents being avoided. Such accidents, however, do occur elsewhere. And one of the root causes thereof is that of the brakes being so badly worn that there is no rubber left. A driver with such brakes, and who regularly gets away with murder, could be considered a complete ignoramus, or worse still. He is reckless and highly irresponsible. He values not human life.

Not that of others and certainly not his own. Because if he did, he would surely have taken care. He would have made certain that the brakes of his old car are regularly checked and serviced. The regular servicing of brakes does not necessarily mean that they need to be replaced in its entirety. All that may be required is for them to be repaired. That, however, would still need to be determined by the brake repair service technician.

Brake repair service

But in the meantime, he is no clairvoyant. It is left up to the owner of the vehicle to take responsibility. He must always be ready to adhere to the prescribed or recommended brake repair servicing schedule. Regularly and consistently. By regularly repairing brakes does not mean that the driver needs to turn his vehicle in four, five times a year. It could well be that a service is only required every other year.